Safety is important in all spaces and changes according to circumstances. 

Together, evaluate safety concerns in the home and formulate a sensible response. A safe space includes clear paths and exits, is able to be regularly cleaned, and supports your normal activities of daily living.


Safety Services Available


Evaluate Space

Through visual observation and use of evaluative instruments, we assess the safety and functionality of a space, pointing out hazards and corrective actions.

The evaluation may include other people who have a vested interest in the outcome.


Develop Plan for Safety

A plan includes assessment of resources available to declutter, repair, and organize your space. Resources can include money, time, friends or family. When resources are determined, people may be put in place for removal of things, repair of structural or functional issues, and organizing of the space for normal activities.

Organize Volunteer Team

Sometimes there are people who are concerned and willing to help you. Working together we identify these people, Susan organizes, trains and supervises volunteer teams. 

Safety issues intensify when small children or aging adults are in the home.

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