Choose what to keep instead of what to discard.


All organizing begins with deciding what is important to keep and understanding its purpose, beauty, sentiment, function. When we have picked the best, we usually know what to do with the rest.


Services Offered



Susan and her team help you evaluate the nature of your attachments to things, guiding you to keep what you will use, enjoy and maintain.

Susan helps you discard what no longer serves you well. Through questions and observations, she guides you through considerations of items which are vague or difficult. 

While decluttering, Susan looks for clues to your organizing strengths and style, as well as noting the types of organizational systems or items that might be effective.


In decluttered spaces, Susan guides you into strategies and systems to help your life move smoothly. Whether it is figuring out how to do laundry more efficiently, organizing an office, or getting better access to occasionally used items, Susan helps you organize life.

Finding hidden systems that exist in your clutter helps them become intentional.

Susan is a professional organizer with specialized education and skill. Additionally, she has connections with other organizers with different strengths and skills.


When there has been a lot of change in a home, it is natural to feel disconnection with patterns, points of reference, and comfort. Susan recognizes this dynamic and helps you reconnect with your new space and order.

As you become excited about what is happening, there is change in your relationship with things and often in your relationships with others. 

Susan has studied communication and conflict transformation and brings these skills to interpersonal problems related to things and clutter.

Your organized life is waiting.