Organize Intuitively

Take your space usage to another level. Susan supports a three-way dialog between you, your needs, and your intuition.

Identify a sensible strategy whose steps you can recall and implement. Together we will come up with solutions to your space and organizing dilemmas.


Rest your eye on something beautiful, even if not the whole space

Become inspired to share your space with others, through gatherings, coffee with a friend, or a dinner party



Items are easily accessible for use as well as storage                    

Every member of the household can keep their space in order        

You can get company-ready with reasonable effort


Services Offered

Susan has a storehouse of ideas that work in many areas. Adapting these to the needs of clients is one service offered.

Another service is thinking through locations, containers and systems that you can use. Call Susan when you have become frustrated with your attempts or feel there must be a better way than reading Real Simple and Pinterest.



Whether you address your whole house or one specific area, be inspired.


and come out alive . . .

"I can't thank you enough for your patience and comforting style of showing me how to plunge right into a file cabinet or cluttered desk and come out alive...even feeling productive. 

— Heather P.

. . . A priorities therapist

My family is in process of Organizing our home. There are many threads of buried emotion and pain as well as creation and beauty in this tapestry of hoarded clutter, detritus and random collections. Susan is adept at assisting, encouraging, developing us as we weave a new and more useful tapestry from the strongest of the threads. I have No Qualms about recommending Susan Gardner as an Organizer- you get a friendly spiritual person, a priorities therapist, a sounding board, a couples coach, all in one. . . . We have not said once, let's quit. That is amazing, not to even voice the ambivalence. She keeps us in a hopeful attitude.

— Jennifer S.